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Nostalgia - Installation Concept

Experimental Media & Installation, Looped. 2015
16mm Film, DSLR HD Video, Porcelain, Film Projector, Surround Sound.

See filmic proof of concept projection on porcelain slabs here:

"Sensory Sketch" vignette examples linked below:
Devil's Bridge -
Justin -
Arcosanti -
Its like that time when... -

Produced as a research exercise for my Thesis Film Project, the concept was to create a dialogue between the fragile nature of film, precious and delicate nature of porcelain, and our own cognitive challenges when struggling to replay forgotten moments of life.

A series of exploratory and experimental film and video sequences were then produced. These “Sensory Sketches” were fragmented reverie - looking at the way we recall and process memories of people, places or things in our lives, and subtly overlapped in sound, picture and narrative content.

The final installation was conceived as a site-specific construction, using large porcelain slabs hung from the ceiling. 16mm film was to be projected in the center of the room through the hanging slabs. The film itself would be experimental – an assortment of images of people, landscapes, and objects shot with various color and black & white film stocks. Some of the film hand painted, scratched and edited - further layering the imagery and providing an impressionistic experience during viewing. Other traditional projection screens would then be hung toward the edges of the space, with large speakers behind them. Finally, the various film and video “Sensory Sketches” would be projected along with non-sync sounds recorded both during filming and separately during my research.

The observational and disjointed nature of the media content and the viewers’ interaction with the physical installation, became an interesting play on the fiction/non-fiction experience of everyday life; and how, when presented without context, the mind pieces together emotionally significant stories in much the same way it constructs memories.