Directing on the set of Carousel


Stephen Crout earned his B.A in Cinema and Television from the University of Southern California, and his M.F.A. in Film and Media Arts from Temple University.

A freelance photographer and videographer for nearly two decades, Stephen has taught Screenwriting, Film Production and Digital Media Arts based classes at Dickinson College, Temple University, Pennsylvania State University Abington, and Rowan University.

Stephen is currently the Digital Media Arts Faculty at Cochise College, teaching courses in Photography, Video Production, and other digital arts related subjects. He also collaborates with faculty at the University of Illinois to create innovative and engaging online video courses for Illinois' globally ranked iMBA and iMSA programs in the Gies College of Business.

Artist Statement
As an Artist, I am most interested in the way memory binds to us through our senses. Specifically, the relational memories we ascribe to physical objects, the reminiscence of sound, and the ability of images to place us in a specific moment in time.

Creatively, I work in a broad range of artistic mediums, including: ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, 35mm photography, and experimental narrative and documentary filmmaking.

My artwork often exists within the inherent tension between what once was and what is now.

Defined by the Ancient Greeks as, “the pain of an unhealed wound”, Nostalgia seduces us with its certainty – with its advantage of looking back with “clarity”, when in fact, what we’ve really done is sort, filter, and re-contextualize our memories so they better embody our emotional resonances in the present.

In this context, the physical materiality of an artistic medium also strongly informs my artwork. Combining analog and digital, whether in the filmmaking, still photography, or sculptural process, creates a dialog which mirrors our present-day existence in what one might call "Materializing Time".

This tension plays out in various methods throughout my art, and forms the basis for my creative and professional approach to teaching and media making.