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Last Night in London
Last Night in London
35mm Photography
West End, London, England

My last night in London brought a walk home through the West End theatre district. All the shows letting out at the same time. People flooding the streets, into the pubs and restaurants. Laughing, chatting and wiping tears from their eyes •

I remember the energy was unlike anything I’ve experienced in the states. We have our sporting events. And concert goings. But to be in a place so saturated with theatre - all starting and ending at nearly the same time - so when when everyone churned into the streets it created such a special physical and emotional social environment. A shared space which felt as if any person or thought was welcome •

As I walked down the street en mass, people tailing off toward their evening nightcap or tube ride home. I was presented with the image above: A little girl draped across her fathers shoulder. Obviously exhausted, probably just woken after napping through the third act. She too was in a world of amazement... enveloped in the wonder of it all •

In fact, if you were to have turned the camera around on me at that very moment - it would have been like holding up a mirror. Adrift in this new city, flowing with the current, unsure of my place within it. Yet suddenly feeling empowered by its generous, accepting embrace. I was ready for the journey ahead. To see where it would take me and who I’d discover next •

The perfect end to night two of my solo fourteen day foreign adventure 😌